Sunday September 20th - Physically distant Shofar all over campus!!

Full list of places / times below, or just knock (loudly!) on the door Chabad 1428 N. Broad St  anytime on Sunday before 7pm, we'll do an outdoor Shofar blowing special for you

*If you plan to be at any of these locations please be on time and with a mask. You can stand a distance away BUT please make sure we know you are there! ( Also please keep in mind we will not be using phones / messages on the Holiday)

2:45pm - 1428 N Broad - outside Chabad

3pm - Fresh Grocer - outside Citizens Bank

3:15pm - Morgan Hall - middle of courtyard

3:30pm - 1300 

3:45pm - Temple Towers

4pm - Vantage - near CVS entrance

4:15pm - University Village

4:30pm - corner 12th & Montgomery (the View & the TECH)

4:45pm - Bell Tower / Beury Beach 

5pm - 1940

5:15pm - Outside J&H - in the driveway

5:30pm - Outside White Hall

5:40pm - corner 15th & Diamond

5:50pm - corner 15th & Norris (outside Hillel)

6pm - corner 16th & Berks 

6:15pm corner 17th & Cecil B. Moore 

6:30pm corner 17th & Jefferson

6:45pm outside Temple Nest - 1324 North Broad