Every week, hundreds of students and friends enjoy a traditional Shabbat experience that will be cherished by them forever. Sponsor a Shabbat in honor of a birthday, graduation, anniversary, wedding, bar/bat mitzvah, yahrtzeit or other special dates in your or your loved ones lives. The great merit of tens of students celebrating Shabbat in honor of your special occasion will be an everlasting source of blessing to you and yours.


“Shabbat at Chabad is the highlight 
of my week”  -
Rachel '12

“Going to Shabbat at Temple Chabad, really made me connect to my religion. I will treasure those times forever.”  -Justin '14

 Owl Shabbat Partner

$10,000 | Diamond Shabbat Annual Partner

$5,000 | Platinum Shabbat Annual Partner

$3,600 | Gold Shabbat Annual Partner

$1,800 | Silver Shabbat Annual Partner


$1000 | Full Shabbat Sponsor (Dinner & Lunch)

$770 | Shabbat Dinner Sponsor


$360 | Shabbat Dinner Co-Sponsor

$250 | Shabbat Kiddush Lunch Sponsor


  • Any amount greatly appreciated
  • Reserve your Shabbat sponsorship for that special date or occasion today!
  • We will prominently display the Jewish Owl Shabbat sponsor and the occasion in its honor.
  • For more information please contact Rabbi Baruch or Chanie Kantor          
  • Chabad at Temple Inc is a not-for- profit organization. All donations are tax deductible.

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