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 Looking for a way to spend your Summer in Israel?
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You name it and we have a program that is suited for you at an incredibly low price!!

Within the walls of a Chabad House you will find a rich assortment of programs. However, many students desire to further their Jewish education and strengthen their Jewish knowledge by participating in an intellectual and inspiring Jewish experience.
We can help you choose the program that is right for you.
July 19 - Aug 4 in the Twin Cities, MN

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Meet remarkable Jewish women from all over the country and study with our team of A-list educators, enjoy stimulating classes, workshops, women’s study hall, prayer, plenty of intelligent adult conversation with new friends, delicious organic kosher food, yoga, dance and a lot of laughter. 
Many Dates to choose from

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Registration opens February 3rd, 2015, 10am EST

The vision of Taglit-Birthright Israel is to strengthen Jewish identity, Jewish communities and solidarity with Israel by providing a 10-day trip to Israel for young Jewish people.  
June 24 – August 25 in the Catskills, NY

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Located in New York’s Catskill mountains, Hadar Hatorah's summer learning program is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for young men to participate in an intensive Jewish studies program that will provide them with a firm grounding in all aspects of Jewish life and the power to return to college or the work force with the ability to learn, pray and live a Jewish life with confidence and skill.
Summer Dates TBA in Israel

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IsraeLinks is a 3 week educational Israel Trip which blends classroom study, hikes, tours, and group discussions into one great experience. Participants experience how Judaism enriches every aspect of their daily lives - intellectually, emotionally, spiritually and even physically.
June 25 - August 20 in Tzfat

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Our Program offers Jewish students an inimitable formula of in-depth textual Torah study in an atmosphere of joy and spiritual warmth in the mystically steeped and breath taking beautiful city of Safed.
June 24th - July 29th in Jerusalem

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Mayanot Institute in Jerusalem, Israel, offers a Hebrew language learning program combined with a full curriculum in Jewish Philosophy, Mysticism, Jewish Law, Chassidism and Jewish History. For male and female students.
June 23 - July 23 in Miami, FL

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Torah Ohr is a Judaic academic study program located in sunny North Miami Beach offering a summer study program for men ages 18 -27. The program is designed for college students seeking to learn and explore Judaism from original texts and first-hand experience. Our stimulating curriculum, warm atmosphere, beautiful location, and dynamic staff make us the optimal choice for young men seeking a high standard of Jewish education and personal growth.
June 17 - July 17 in upstate New York

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Nestled in the New York countryside, the Jewish Summer Fellowship is a five-week summer study program that provides college and graduate students with the opportunity to explore Judaism in a warm and invigorating environment. At JSF, participants taste from a wellspring of wisdom, meet other students from around the world and enjoy the great outdoors. More than the reward of the experience itself, every JSF student also receives a generous stipend to compliment their participation. 
June 2 – July 13 in Tzfat

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Discover your heritage in a creative and authentic environment in the picturesque city of Tzfat. It’s your birthright: Embrace it. Challenge it. Explore it. Plumb the depths of Torah study at your own pace in a program focused on individualized progress, emphasizing the development of skills for independent study.
May 22 – June 21 in Morristown, NJ

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Join dozens of college students for a traditional Yeshiva setting, enhanced with hour-by-hour introductory classes, as a stepping stone to Yeshiva.
There are so many opportunities for furthering your Jewish Education & Knowledge, while enjoying yourself too!


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Rabbi Baruch Kantor